Swimming lessons during Winter months

You might think that winter is the best time to take a break from swimming, but we disagree!

When summer comes to an end, some children say goodbye to the pool. Parents don’t think twice about pulling their little ones out of swimming lessons. Yet when summer comes around again, they are startled to find their son or daughter in the same class as the previous year or slow to improve.

Many parents enrol their little ones in swimming lessons at a young age to teach water safety and how to react in emergency situations. These are definitely critical skills, however, parents must also remember that children can be around water in the cooler months too- such as bathtubs, uncovered pools, etc. Having a swimmer who takes lessons year-round provides a better education and higher success for knowing how to react in an emergency. Parents should also remember that swimming is one of, if not the only sport a child can learn that can save their lives. The stats are shocking- five years of age have the highest drowning mortality rates worldwide.

The longer a child is away from swimming, the longer it takes them to work back to their initial skill level. Unfortunately, swimmers can forget these crucial life saving and safety skills during a winter break and panic should they find themselves in a life-threatening emergency.

Swim Baby Swim offers year-round lessons in our enclosed and heated pools that will allow children to learn all year long. Consistency is important for children to learn to swim and to retain their skills on a more permanent basis. We recommend that if you need to take a break you do so during the summer months. You are much more likely to be swimming outside of lessons in the sunny weather! Your child will have lots of opportunities to stay confident and practice those valuable swimming skills- no matter what level they are at.

But what about colds and viruses in the cooler months? Your child will not be more susceptible to colds in the winter months at swimming lessons. Our comfortable 32degree water temperature will ensure children’s body temperatures are safe no matter what month or season. Exercise is especially beneficial for strengthening immune systems and keeping adults and children safe from illness. Just always remember to bring warm clothes and a dry towel along for after your lessons!

One rule of thumb to follow: if your child is sick, keep him/her home to minimize exposure to others. This applies ANY time of the year, not just in winter.

So parents, here’s the prescription for a happy, healthy little swimmer this winter:
• Keep them home when they are sick
• Dress them warm when it’s cold outside; keep those hats on!
• Feed them a nutritionally sound diet- push those fruit and vegetables!
• Keep them physically active (splishing and splashing in the pool!)

Hope to see you in the pool this winter!!

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