Our Course Dates 2016

Our courses run throughout the year and follow the Western Province School terms.  So we ensure you have a break over Easter, Christmas, New Year and public holidays… that way you can put what you have learnt into practise.  Of course some pools do differ so please double check with the dates stated in our published term dates. Each term is around 10 weeks, some more some less, but always at least 40 weeks per calendar year.

Please see below the term dates for 2016:

Term 1 – 11 January to 18 March

Term 2 – 4 April to 17 June 2016

Term 3 – 18 July to 23 September

Term 4 – 10 October to 9 December


  • The Swim Baby Swim Baby programmes are designed around a 10 week progressive calendar based on the Western Province School terms. Each stage acting as the building blocks for the next course

  • All courses start around the same time as the school term, but we do offer shortened courses (9 and 8 weeks long) for any late starters.

  • We are constantly sourcing new suitable, indoor pools in and around Cape Town, so please let us know if you have one in mind…


Please do contact us for pool specific dates and times

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