Testimonials: What they say about us & our teachers

“Mommy and Daddy have decided to move to Australia but I wanted to thank you so much for my wonderful swimming experience and being such an amazing teacher. I hope to find something similar in Australia but am sure I’ll miss my class mates and teacher very much…”

Kate Wright – 7 months old

“Hi Brig
Thank you for being such a super teacher – you really were spot on. I was amazed at your calmness and composure – you turned every situation around and always said exactly the right thing to make the sessions so much fun, even when the little ones were kicking off. It really taught me how much they can learn at such a young age.”

Katie, Brian and Ben Brown

“Brig has taught both our sons to swim from 3 months. Leo at 2 ½ can swim a whole width of the baby pool unaided and is so at home in the water. He can safely hold on to the side of the pool and climb out, but equally loves to jump in. Zac at almost 1 is so comfortable underwater that he comes to the surface with a laugh. Brig’s style of teaching is always fun packed, but at the same time she manages to teach all the skills and safety aspects of baby swimming. We can’t recommend her enough and just wish she’d come back to teach in the UK!”

Joe & Nicki Everitt

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of the sessions that we had with you – Jack had his ups and downs with swimming and if you had not been the teacher I am sure that we would not have stuck to it. Your support and enthusiasm was what pulled us through, and now Jack starts to get excited about swimming by the middle of the week, and loves the sessions again! I will be forever grateful for your hard work, support and infectious enthusiasm that made this happen. Put simply you are irreplaceable as our swimming teacher and you will be sorely missed…”
Dave Campbell (Jack’s Dad) – 37 years old

“Brig initially taught my 2 ½ old Ben to swim just when he was going through a wobbly period in the water. Brig through her naturally intuitive self realised that Ben was bored and needed stimulation which she provided in bucket loads! She totally turned it around for Ben and now he loves swimming again. He can dive, kick and do his tiger arms! She is the best swimming teacher for children as she understands them, knows how to keep the class interesting and is really a lovely person. She taught my youngest son Jack from around 3 months old and he is a natural in the water, he loves Brig as we do and we highly recommend her and wish we still had her here in the UK.”

Noel & Sharon Muckian

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