Baba Indaba – CTICC 05 – 07 Aug 2011

As always the Baba indaba is a great place to see what is happening in the world of baby business and this year felt a bit like a wet squib but did not completely disappoint.

There were of course all the usual suspects, including a few performances from the now very popular Lolos (for those not in the “know” South Africa’s answer to the big purple dinasaur know as Barney), but also a breath of fresh air with some new and innovative products. With the South African entrepreneurial spirit shining through with some great new ideas. But I was surprised at the lack of Baby and Toddler Swim Schools!!

In fact there was not one at this year’s exhibition especially considering that Baby and Toddler Swimming is teaching a core life skill that fundamentally saves lives every day… very surprised. Unfortunately (here comes my excuse) we aren’t open yet so it was a little difficult to justify the price tag. Baby shows are really big business in the UK. Every year either Excel Exhibition centre (biggest conference centre in Europe) or Earls Court host the event and it is quite something to experience. From splash pools to exhibition swimming classes, it all happens.

So maybe next year, Swim Baby Swim will bring a little razzmatazz to the CTICC Baba Indaba.

At the Exhibition I spent a lot time with friends of mine who have just launched a new parenting club called The Baby Club.

In essence a support network to help all new Mums and Dads, because our children aren’t born with operating manuals, unless they are and my wife is hiding ours away. They provide some great in sight into the development of your Little Swimmer whilst he/ she is still in Mommy’s belly and a breakdown of what to expect for the first two years once they are out.

They also throw in some great goodie bags every few months which include discount vouchers and sample products… try it before you buy it! And the catch… well no catch, no registration fee and even better it’s a free. If you are keen to join, just let us know and we will forward you their details.

Next year Swim Baby Swim will definitely be at the Baba Indaba, to share the joy of swimming with the 20 – 30 000 guests who make the trip down. Hope you can join us. Keep well and see you in the pool.

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