Water Wobbles? Oh no, not me!

My baby used to love the water and couldn’t wait for our weekly swim lesson, now she clings to me like a monkey, screams and refuses to take part in anything! What have I done wrong, why has she suddenly changed?

Wow, is probably your first reaction… you may be surprised to know that this is absolutely normal and really quite common. So don’t despair or become disheartened, what feels like a lifetime of unhappiness in the water actually is quite a short period of time.

As you know, all babies are different and develop at a different pace, swimming is no different. Your baby will be happily swimming from week to week and absolutely loving it, then just as he or she starts to crawl, walk, talk, or reach any of the significant milestones, their swimming takes a backseat, and falls off a cliff!

“Despair”, I hear you say as you consider throwing in the towel.

But remember, all these are massive events, and developmental milestones, in your baby’s life and he/she can only manage one thing at a time, so their swimming (and your social life) tends to be put on hold. My advice, stay positive and patient and enjoy the ride… and the clinginess, the dreaded Water Wobbles won’t last forever. Persevere (that is key), keep up the swimming and keep smiling as baby loves seeing you smile and in turn this will instil confidence in their ability and your support.

A few other events that might cause the water wobbles are:

  • A change or the start of a new nursery
  • A big move
  • A long haul flight
  • Any other disruptions in your baby’s routine (poor performance from the Springboks don’t count – unless your child is called Victor or Bakkies)
    Don’t forget the dreaded teething!

There is always light at the end of the swimming pool, so get your cozzie on and get your Little Swimmer off to the pool to share the joy of swimming!

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