The Benefits of teaching your baby to swim

I am often asked about this and I always find that parents are surprised at the amounts of benefits Baby and Toddler Swimming has in store for them. Everyone just thinks of the obvious one and let’s be honest the most important, i.e., to safe guard your child around water.

This is of course the main reason we teach swimming to the Little Swimmers in our swim school, but there are also a great number of other benefits. Swim Baby Swim’s program is designed to be energetic and fun-filled and in so doing teaching you to teach your baby to swim.

This will naturally strengthen the bond between you and your child whilst also providing a well-balanced work-out. There are many health and social benefits, I thought it best to list some of the ones I like, but if you really look into it, you’ll be surprised.

Regular exercise helps strengthen your baby’s heart, lungs and respiratory system.

In terms of development the first year is the time when your baby’s brain will grow most rapidly and regular exercise will help strengthen it for all that new learning it needs to do.

Exercising in water removes the inconvenience of gravity and allows your baby’s muscles to move freely and assist in the development of muscle control.

Your baby (as will Mom and Dad) will benefit from the social interaction with other swimmers in a playful environment.

Swimming regularly will help improve your baby’s eating and sleeping habits.

Early exposure to swimming can help fend off future breathing problems like asthma.

But do remember, all babies develop at different rates, its Mother Nature’s way of keeping us on our toes, so make sure you enjoy your time with your little one in the water as before you know it, you’ll be out and their friends will be in…

Keep well and see you in the pool.

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